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Stat Key




GP     Games Played

IP     Innings Played

PA     Plate Appearances

OAB    Official At Bats = All complete plate appearances except when on base as a result of Base On Balls, Intentional Walk, Hit By Pitch, or Catcher Interference or out as a result of any Sacrifice

H      Hits = Number of Singles + Doubles + Triples + Home Runs

1B     Singles

2B     Doubles + Ground Rule Doubles

3B     Triples

HR     Home Runs + Inside Park Home Runs

R      Runs

RBI    Runs Batted In

Avg    Batting Average = Hits divided by Official At Bats

Slug   Slugging Percentage = Total Bases divided by Number of Official At Bats (OAB)

OBA   On Base Average = Total Times on Base (H + BB + HBP) divided by Total At Bats (OAB + BB + HBP + SF)

BNT    Bunts

BNT%   Successful Bunt Percentage

On Base By

BB     Base On Balls (including Intentional Walks)

HBP    Hit By Pitch

RE     Reached On Error

FC     Fielder’s Choice

DTSWP  Dropped Third Strike – Wild Pitch

DTSPB  Dropped Third Strike – Passed Ball

DTSE   Dropped Third Strike – Error

CATI   Catcher Interference

OFI    Other Fielder Interference


S      Sacrifices (other than Sac flies and bunts)

BS     Bunt Sacrifices

SF     Sacrifice Flies

Out By

SOS    Strike Out Swinging

SOL    Strike Out Looking

SO     Strike Out – Total

GO     Ground Out

FO     Fly Out

FFO    Foul Fly Out

PO     Pop Out

IFFLY  Infield Fly

INTF   Interference

TBAT   Thrown Bat

LD     Line Drive

HIDB   Hit Into Double Play

HITP   Hit Into Triple Play

TBBB   Touched By Own Batted Ball

BOTRN  Batted Out of Turn

BF2S   Bunt Foul with 2 Strikes

DTSO   Drop Third Strike Out

ILBB   Illegally Batted Ball

HBFB   Hit By Fair Ball

FRCO   Forced Out

TAGO   Tagged Out

CO     Called Out

BNTO   Bunt Out

NFGDP  Non-Forced Grounded Into Double Play

SFDB   Sacrifice Fly Double Play

Pos    Position

GP     Games Played

TP     Time Played = Number of Outs Played at Position divided by Outs Per Inning

APO    Assisted Put Outs

UAPO   Unassisted Put Outs

PO     Put Outs

A      Assists

E      Errors

FE     Fielding Errors

TE     Throwing Errors

BE     Bobbles

Catcher / Pitcher Stats

PKO1   Pick Offs at First Base

PKO2   Pick Offs at Second Base

PKO3   Pick Offs at Third Base

PKO    Total Pick Offs

PKOA1  Pick Off Attempts at First Base

PKOA2  Pick Off Attempts at Second Base

PKOA3  Pick Off Attempts at Third Base

PKOA   Total Pick Off Attempts

Catcher Stats

PCHR   Pitches Received

PB     Passed Balls

DTSOB  Dropped Third Strikes – On Base

DTSOUT Dropped Third Strikes – Outs

CS2    Caught Stealing Thrown Out at Second

CS3    Caught Stealing Thrown Out at Third

CSH    Caught Stealing at Home

CSPOH  Caught Stealing Put Out at Home

SBA    Stolen Bases Against Catcher

INTF   Interference

F%     Fielding Percentage = (PO + A) divided by (PO + A + E)

CPE    Chances Per Error = (PO + A + E) divided by E

GS    Games Started

GC    Games Completed

SHO   Shutouts

SA    Saves

BF    Batters Faced

H     Hits Allowed

1B    Singles Allowed

2B    Doubles Allowed

3B    Triples Allowed

HR    Home Runs Allowed

R     Runs Allowed

BB    Base On Balls

HB    Hit Batters

BK    Balks

WP    Wild Pitches

SO    Strike Outs

PKO1  Pick Offs at First

PKO2  Pick Offs at Second

PKO3  Pick Offs at Third

PKO   Total Pick Offs

PKOA1 Pick Offs Attempts at First

PKOA2 Pick Offs Attempts at Second

PKOA3 Pick Offs Attempts at Third

PKOA  Total Pick Offs Attempts

W     Wins

L     Losses

PCT   Winning Percentage

PC    Pitch Count (does not count intentional balls)

TS    Total Strikes

TB    Total Balls (does not count intentional balls)

FPS   First Pitch Strikes

FPB   First Pitch Balls

FPS%  First Pitch Strike Percentage

IP    Innings Pitched (One third inning is given for each out)

ER    Earned Runs - For ScoreBook, a run scored is always considered  "earned" unless an error or passed ball contributed to advancing a batter or runner at least one base.

ERA   Earned Run Average = (ER * Innings Per Game) divided by IP

OBA   Opponent’s Batting Average